Like a challenge? Like making bank? Ever jumped through all the hoops of working with a rental agent to find a Boston apartment, and thought, “What’s the big damn deal? I could totally do that.”

Well, maybe being an agent is for you! Before you go printing your business cards, check out this collected advice from our friends in the biz.


So you don’t have any experience…
So what?

Peacock Sometimes getting into the industry is just by “faking it until you make it” or “peacocking it”. Anyone ever described you as “cocky” before? Perfect! Walk into any of Boston’s hundreds of brokerages and see what agent positions are available. And don’t be afraid to talk up your many fine qualities—all brokerages are looking for an edge against the competitor across the street. If you’re multilingual, mention that. If you have a car, make sure they know.


After you find yourself a job at a brokerage, it’s time to take the class and get a license (Yes. You heard me right. Job first, class second). Metropolitan, in Somerville, offers tons of different courses. Their ten-hour classroom days are efficient if not exactly fun, and they’ll get you trained in no time. Host Group Real Estate Academy, off Huntington, offers both live and online training options.


Obviously the best way to learn is from someone who’s been around the block. Our pals at Jumpshell recently announced a new Mentorship Program aimed at anyone looking to kickstart their career in residential rentals. Fill out their online questionnaire to be paired with a mentor-agent who will introduce you to the field, and ideally give you a head start over your peers.

YodaApplicants must be currently enrolled in a real estate licensing course or recently licensed and planning on working full-time as a rental agent in the Boston area.


Money If a formal mentorship program feels like too big of a commitment, another great option is to learn from agents or brokers directly. Many beginning agents have shadowed, interned, and otherwise learned how to do what they do from spending time with local experts. Do a little networking, (perhaps at a [RETech event[(, to find folks who like to teach newbies.


Finally, remember what goes around comes around. If someone has helped you in your real estate career, consider returning the favor somewhere down the line.

Nader Mokhtar: Your Boston Rental Insider

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