We get it. Finding a place to live is hard. You’ve been looking for the perfect place, the ideal roommates, all at the price you want to pay. It all feels impossible. Sumu believes that finding a roommate should be the easiest part.

You’re not the only one having a tough time finding a place to live. Based on the available market data, approximately 200 people a day are searching for rooms or roommates in the Boston area. That’s more than 500,000 struggling roommates nationwide. Sumu is here to save the day.

#How Sumu works Moving is HardTo get started, sign up at sumu.io. This will give you immediate access to hundreds of listings, roommates, and properties in our launch cities (currently Boston).

Next, you’ll want to find the perfect place. Browse through perspective neighborhoods via interactive maps and powerful search features so you can get the full picture. We even verify the property details so you don’t have to. With interior and exterior photos, detailed amenities, nearby transportation, and price search, Sumu will help you hone in on the perfect place to live.

When you’ve found a few rooms you like, Sumu introduces you to your prospective roommates. Remember, first impressions are important; Sumu provides a safe, verified, and convenient way to ensure compatibility and break the ice. Sumu utilizes social identity verification and active threat monitoring to prevent spammers, scammers, and fakers. Scam artists, fake leads, and roommate duds are a thing of the past. You’ll even have access to photos, basic background information, and any shared interests.

FriendsCongratulations! You found them. The perfect place and the ideal roommates. You’re all ready to move in. But there’s one more step. In the past you’d have to sign complicated legal documents, discuss roommate agreements, and talk about financials. Sumu takes care of all the tedious stuff for you. We’ll draw up your sublet agreement, roommate contract, and even let you link a checking or savings account for no-brainer automated rent payments to your landlord. Your roommates will think you’re a Sumu hero and we will too.

Finding a roommate is hard, but so is renting an apartment. Buying a house has on a level of complexity all by itself. Today, Sumu is uniting roommates everywhere. Tomorrow, we’ll help you find a new apartment, and, when you’re ready, we’ll be there when you buy your first home.

However you choose to live, Sumu will be there.