, the best way to find rooms and roommates in Boston, just got better, AGAIN!

We’re SO excited for new features in Sumu 1.1.0. This week’s update brings profiles, a crucial part of the Sumu experience. When you see a post on Sumu, you can now easily click on any of the roommates to get more information. You can also add a little bit more about yourself. Add a photo, make it personal!

Also, this update includes confirmation if you ever decide to leave your post or profile mid-edit. No more accidentally deleting your work!

Enjoy the update!

Release Log Profile

  • Squashes bugs and takes names
  • Adds account profiles (description, photos, who your roommates are, and all the posts you have on Sumu)
  • Adds ability to see other people’s profiles (get to know your neighbor)
  • Clicking on a post’s photo will give you a more detailed look
  • Adds confirmation step so you don’t lose your work. (You can’t just leave mid-post without confirming you want to loose your changes)
  • Magic

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Drop us a line at

Thanks and much love, Ethan & Daniel

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