Every Monday we share what our friends and network considers a successful team. This week, the SLIPS Technologies team shares their secret to success.

“The SLIPSters favor good communication before anything in our work culture. Here we successfully tackled an Escape Room by working together!” - Colleen Cannon

Colleen Cannon and the SLIPSters from SLIPS Technologies

About SLIPS Technologies

SLIPS Technologies, Inc. is a high tech venture-funded startup commercializing game-changing technologies to make the surface of any material become highly repellent to virtually any substance.

About Sumu’s Successful Team Project

After meeting with many types, forms, and makeups of teams, we learned that there isn’t a secret recipe to making a perfect team. So we set out to find out what it meant to be a “successful” team. We had an open call and asked participants to submit a photo and quick explaination on why they think their group, team, venture, or organization is a successful team.

Every Monday we will be sharing results on the blog. If you or your team want to be included, email us at team@sumu.io with your picture and why YOUR team is successful.

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