It is unfortunate that there are thousands of people that move to Boston and decide to live alone. “Why would you say that?”, you ask. “It’s great to live by yourself, who wouldn’t want some alone time after a full day at [work/school/etc]?!”. Choosing to live alone is a millennials’ number one rookie mistake after moving to Boston.

RoomiesLiving in a new city can be overwhelming. Finding a place to live is the first priority, only very shortly followed by making new friends and expanding your social network. It’s hard to make friends in a big city; proven by the amount of posts on the Boston subreddit of those looking to make friends. Choosing to live without a roommate could be disastrous. Without roommates it’s much harder to get settled in to your new place. In fact, you start at a disadvantage. You have to:

  • Furnish your apartment by yourself
  • Outfit your kitchen by yourself
  • Pay for the utilities bills, internet bills, or other bills by yourself
  • No one there to sign for your packages

We ran the numbers and found that most young professionals can’t afford to live by themselves after graduating college. In fact, when you assume average incomes after graduating, it takes almost 9 years to make it affordable to live by yourself.
Affordability Index

By choosing to live with roommates, there’s immediate upsides:

  • Moving in with roommates opens doors to new people and new plans
  • Sharing expenses
  • Sharing food (and honestly sharing a pizza is so much more worthwhile).
  • Cheaper rent
  • A new set of friends

Not only do you get a more affordable living situation, but you’ve also expanded your social network. Don’t be a rookie: while you are in your mid-twenties, you should absolutely live with roommates. If you want to get the jumpstart and find roommates today, sign up for Sumu. Hundreds of available rooms and roommates at your fingertips. Create your roommate profile today!