There has been a radical increase in job availability in Boston. Tons of people are moving here to seize these jobs, even if they don’t have the means to act upon housing opportunities. The “means” being an equitable moving company.

There are a wide variety of moving companies in the Boston area, but there is no good way to tell which ones will actually do what you need for a reasonable price. It is all too easy to fake an online profile and steal money that you didn’t earn. Sumu wants to help prevent those of you planning on moving from falling prey to thieves, scammers, and untrustworthy corporations. So we conducted a two week project to find the middle ground between our last two blogs on affordability and credibility to show you five of the moving companies in Boston providing the most value for your dollar.

In order to standardize our data, we used the most popular apartment people look for in Boston, a two bedroom apartment on the third floor of a building without elevators. We found the average ranking each company got from their reviewers and divided that by the average price for each moving company over a two month period then multiply it by 100.*

5. Olympia Moving and Storage Company

Logo of Olympia Moving and Storage Company
With a low ranking of 2.93, Olympia Moving and Storage Company is the fifth most valuable moving company in Boston. This moving company helps homeowners and tenants move both locally and long distance. They have an hourly rate of $162 and an average review of 4.7/5.
(617) 926-5555 | Email | Website

4. You Move Me

Logo of You Move Me Movers
Third on our list is You Move Me, a local moving company based in Charleston, MA. It has an average rank of 4.9/5 and a rate of $158 per hour. It’s overall ranking was a 3.12.
(800) 926-3900 | Email | Website

3. Raimond’s Movers

Logo of Raimond's Movers
Sitting on the third position is Raimond’s Movers, a moving company that aims to satisfy its customer moving needs with a smile on their face. It is based in Boston. This moving company has a ranking of 3.15, an hourly rate of $159 and an average review of a 5/5.
(617) 681-8181 | Email | Website

2. Seven Moving Company

logo of Seven Moving
Seven Moving Company, a moving company that sees its customer’s care and satisfaction as its primary goal came in second place on our list. The moving company has an overall rank of 3.55, an average ranking of 4.7/5 from its reviewers, and an hourly rate of $132.
(617) 401-1777 | Email | Website

1. A-Plus Moving Company

A-Plus Moving Company logo
With an overall ranking of a whopping 3.83, the most valuable moving company in the Boston area is A-Plus Moving Company. The moving company claims to be dedicated to helping its homeowners and tenants have a less stressful move. Its average reviewer ranks their service 5/5 and the company only charges a low rate of $131 per hour.
(857) 540-9531 | Email | Website

* The provided information is subject to change. Sumu offers this information to help you start your search. For more recent pricing contact these moving companies, and find the right fit for your move.

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