We believe there is a perfect place for everybody. We’ve had a HUGE success with our marketplace that helps young professionals find sublets, rooms, and roommates in Boston. After talking with our users, we found that many can’t pay the upfront costs to secure an apartment. So we had to step in. We’re ecstatic to announce the next part of our service: Sumu Pay.

You shouldn’t have to drain your savings just to move in. We can help you rent the home you really want by financing the upfront cost you need to secure a home. We’re reducing the broker fee and any other upfront costs into easy monthly payments. By allowing you to consider a greater range of rental prices, Sumu upfront funding can have a dramatic impact on your rental experience.

Talk to your broker or agent to see if Sumu is right for your next move-in. Reserve your cash, see if you prequalify today!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Drop us a line at team@sumu.io

If you want to get the jumpstart and find roommates today, sign up for Sumu. Hundreds of available rooms and roommates at your fingertips. Create your roommate profile today!