Roommates have resulted in amazing things. Without an off-hand comment from a roommate about music online, Shawn Fanning wouldn’t have come with Napster. Here are a number of other famous, Boston roommates.

Matt Damon and Jason Furman

More impressive than the Damon-Affleck duo, is how Matt Damon and Jason Furman were roommates at Harvard University. Jason Furman is chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and was nominated by President Obama himself. Matt Damon is… well he’s Matt Damon. Alt text

Al Gore and Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy and Al lived across from one another while both attended Harvard. As upperclassmen, both had reunited to become actual roommates. It’s an aggressive, old man match-made-in-heaven.
Alt text

David Lynch and Peter Wolf

While at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, filmmaker David Lynch and Peter Wolf lived with one another. Lynch is known for films such as Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks, and Blue Velvet; Wolf the lead singer for the J. Geils Band. Lynch kicked Wolf out, so the story goes, for being “too weird” or possibly not paying rent. The 60s SMFA class is still a bit hazy. Alt text

Frank O’Hara and Edward Gorey

A literary match made in heaven, poet Frank O’Hara and illustrator Edward Gorey bunked together while at Harvard. They later received the reputation as ‘campus dandies’. Alt text

James Cramer and Eliot Spitzer

Imagine this roommate matchup: James Cramer, host of ‘Mad Money’ lived with disgraced politician Eliot Spitzer. They both attended Harvard University and have since set reputations for themselves. Alt text

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