Every Monday we share what our friends and network considers a successful team. This week, the Boston Realty Advisors shares their secret to success.

“You’re lucky! I just had this pic on standby for the stair climb our company just did that we posted on FB. Boston Realty Advisors climbed for a cause this weekend with #GinormousClimb for the CAC.” - Elise Kovi

Elise Kovi and the Boston Realty Advisors Team

About Boston Realty Advisors

Boston Realty Advisors is a Boston-based, privately held commercial real estate brokerage firm. Their full-service platform includes capital markets, tenant and landlord representation, property consulting as well as debt finance and equity placement activities. http://bradvisors.com/

About Sumu’s Successful Team Project

After meeting with many types, forms, and makeups of teams, we learned that there isn’t a secret recipe to making a perfect team. So we set out to find out what it meant to be a “successful” team. We had an open call and asked participants to submit a photo and quick explaination on why they think their group, team, venture, or organization is a successful team.

Every Monday we will be sharing results on the blog. If you or your team want to be included, email us at team@sumu.io with your picture and why YOUR team is successful.

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