We wanted to step back and talk about how a rental agent can fit into your search for a home. This isn’t an option for everyone, but is certainly helpful when you know when to use one.

What exactly is a Rental Agent?

Rental agents in cities like Boston can help find a place to live and offer a number of other services that we find helpful. This can include: being an expert to your city’s housing market, knowledge of rental law, and filtering places that meet your expectations. A good rental agent will work with you and your roommates to understand your living requirements. They scan through the existing and available places and work with your schedule to make sure you have an opportunity to see the place before you commit to live there. Rental agents will coordinate all the legal work with you and the landlord.

When should I use a Rental Agent?

You’ve found the perfect set of roommates. Now you’re looking for a fresh lease to sign onto. We suggest to use a rental agent when you have identified all the roommates that you plan to live with since rental agents will not introduce you to other apartment seekers. A few hours can make the difference between getting an apartment and seeing it rented to someone else. Having a competent agent (vs. run-of-the-mill agent) can make sure everything is in order and over to landlord quickly. If you’re also not familiar with the wide variety of neighborhoods in your city, signing with a Rental Agent will be extremely advantageous.

How do I find a great rental agent?Jumpshell

The key to having a great rental experience can be finding an even better rental agent. Unfortunately finding the best rental agent can be hard, and there are many that are looking to make a quick buck. Our friends at Jumpshell make it super easy to match with a rental agent that can meet your living goals.

  1. Visit Jumpshell to get started
  2. Answer a few short questions about your living requirements
  3. That’s it! A rental agent will reach out to you with options that meet your specifications.

Easy as that! Find more on rentals, jump to Jumpshell.

Thanks and much love, Daniel & Ethan

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