So, you found a roommate! The hardest part is over and before your apartment’s honeymoon begins, let’s talk Roommate Agreements!

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#What is a Roommate Agreement? The lease covers the legal aspect of living in a unit, but it doesn’t really talk about expectations of roommates once they’ve moved in. To prevent miscommunication between your roommates (that will probably lead to passive aggressive comments), everyone should put it all out there. It’s very easy to prevent flare-ups when everyone’s on the same page. Discussing, creating, and signing a shared agreement when you move in clears the air so that there are no misunderstandings.

Typically Roommate Agreements will discuss how rent will be divided, shared utilities, and any expectations that aren’t disclosed in the lease itself.

#What does a Roommate Agreement not cover? Your Roommate Agreement isn’t a legally binding document like your lease will be. The document will be signed on good faith Your landlord isn’t bound by these agreements and typically will not sign the Roommate Agreement. The landlord will also have no power to enforce the Agreement. Making a Roommate Agreement will encourage your friends and roommates take their responsibilities seriously.

#Get started!

  1. Download your own blank Roommate Agreement to get started
  2. Fill out the agreement with your roommates
  3. Have all the roommates sign together
  4. Hang it on your fridge or in a place where you can reference

Easy as that!

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Thanks and much love, Sumu