Wow! Demo Day was a whirlwind of quick pitching, thorough discussion, and nail-biting competition with our fellow ventures. We were surrounded by large crowds and successfully pitched our idea without interruption for several hours. We apologize if we did not get to pitch to you. We will certainly make it up to you next time.

Demo Day 2014

We are thrilled with the support Sumu received and are ecstatic with the results:

  • We received numerous signups for our early-access pass to the sneak preview,
  • We listened to feedback from real students who would use our service and are honing in on a feature set that will provide a good product market fit when we launch,
  • We have been approached by multiple investors, VCs, and similar ventures during and after the event.

Alongside the results above, Sumu also the distinct opportunity to present alongside:

  • Alec Stern (Co-Founder of Constant Contact)
  • Marquis Cabrera (Founder of Foster Skills)
  • Greg Dalle-Molle (Associate Director of Venture Incubation at IDEA)
  • Esther Chewning (Entrepreneurship Co-op Advisor)
  • Dan Gregory (Co-director of the Center of Entrepreneurship Education)

Ethan Setnik and Daniel Tewfik pitching at Demo Day

Sumu believes that roommate matching isn’t just about satisfying an existing market of young professionals looking for a place to live. We passionately believe that more young people should live together, and we plan to grow the pie by creating a safe, convenient, and vibrant marketplace to show people who live alone that living with a roommate can be a wonderful experience. It’s better for the environment, your wallet, and you.

If you didn’t have a chance to visit us at Demo Day, you can still sign up for our mailing list.

Thanks and much love,

PS - Big shout out to Parshwa Khambhati, Johnny Fayad, and Allison Murphy for organizing the event! Thanks for your help.